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Me and Oribe I'm still winding down from this weekend's Oribe Backstage event, where I was whisked away to Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to celebrate the annual education/inspiration spectacle.

Friday Night, Alright!
Me with my sleek new 'do

How Suite It Is
Me and Gavert Atelier salon's wonderfully talented Mika Fowler (Hospitality Suite)

For this LP editor, tuning in to one of Hollywood's hottest nights--the Golden Globes--was a must! While most of the hairstyles were kept simple and sleek (the ponytailed Hailee Steinfeld looked lovely), there were a few exceptions to the rule (hello, Scarlett Johansson!). Here, a few of my faves:

LP's Jillian Gordon and me (Alyson Osterman) flaunt our new 'dos at Hairroin Salon. Talk about seeing stars! On Monday evening I, along with fellow LPer Jillian Gordon, were given the chance to attend the Sebastian Professional-hosted Burlesque premiere event. Can you say fabulous?!

Awapuhi Me!
Mona Maleki, me (senior associate editor Alyson Osterman) and Christopher Enlow

J'aime Paris et Goldwell!
This is SO not just another blog entry. Why, you ask? Because I am typing from my laptop in PARIS, here for Goldwell's annual Color Zoom Challenge! These past few days have been quite a whirlwind, but to quickly recap: Saturday: I arrived in Paris, just in time for Goldwell's North America Welcome Party, where I got to meet with company VIPs like Mario Argenti and star stylists including John Simpson and Dimitrios Tsioumas.

ENJOY Yourself!
From left: Alyson Osterman (me!), Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley and Victor Paul

Hugs For All
Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean and LP's Jillian Gordon and Alyson Osterman Last week, I--along with my colleague Jillian Gordon--were thrilled to be a part of Paul Mitchell the School's nationwide "Free Hugs" campaign in Sherman Oaks, California, where Future Professionals and educators (along with members of the Backstreet Boys! swoon...) spread the love by hugging passerby on a crowded street in Los Angeles. Watch the video!  

I 'Do!
I’m not the type who can’t admit when I’m wrong: Many moons ago, I swore that I’d never have a wedding at the beach because of my hair, which has a tendency to frizz in humidity. Well, guess what? I’m getting married…by the beach.

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