You’re Fired! Letting A Client Go
by DJ Victory

-by Peter LamasIn my very early days, I worked as an assistant stylist for Vidal Sassoon. Paramount hired Sassoon to come to Los Angeles to cut and style the hair of then up-and-coming actress, Mia Farrow. At that time, Farrow was married to Frank Sinatra, her movie career was just taking off, and she was Hollywood’s “it-girl”. 

by Sam Villa

Cuban-born Peter Lamas immigrated to New York City in 1961 at the age of 17. Shortly after earning his cosmetology license, Peter’s skills earned him a coveted position to train and work with Paul Mitchell at the Vidal Sassoon Salon before moving on to the legendary Kenneth Townhouse Salon, where his clients included: Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Diana Ross, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Faye Dunaway – just to name a few!

Fall is a great time for makeover madness! When the chill hits the air guests are ready for a change, especially those with sun-bleached locks – they’re definitely ready for deeper richer tones. Guests really do embrace transition and they look to us to consult with them. Just mentioning the change of seasons is a brilliant conversation starter to amp up color business. Take the challenge this fall to shift your guests into new looks.

Guest Blog: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
I never considered hairdressing as a career choice until I saw my first hair show. My father took me. It was Vidal Sassoon and it ROCKED my world.  Many years have since past and I have learned so much – about people, myself, products, techniques and tools, so I wanted to share some of my favorite things with you.

by DJ Victory

Guest Blog: The Power of a Team
In the book “Now Discover Your Strengths,” Donald Clifton and Markus Buckingham explain that every human is born with innate strengths that develop naturally as we mature. The problem that arises is that we are taught to focus on improving our weaknesses rather than spending that same energy on developing our natural strengths. Think back to elementary school…what subjects did you study most?  The classes that you received straight A’s or the classes you had to struggle to eek out a D?

Hairline Detail
Sam Villa ArTeam member, David Boyd, refers to the hairline as the frame for the masterpiece. I love that statement because it puts in perspective the importance a refined hairline plays in a beautiful design. This is a complicated task as the hairline is where those little monsters called cowlicks meet with uneven density and other irregular growth patterns. Let’s explore some of the perspectives and techniques involved with creating an excellent frame for our haircuts.

by Paul Tate, CEO of Shortcuts SoftwareWhen the love is gone and your client cheats on you, it might break your heart. But it’s what she says behind your back to her friends - and anyone else on the internet - that could break your business. Too many salons have discovered that, nowadays, when a relationship sours the fall-out can be painfully public.

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